[Important] Regarding purchase restrictions for some products

Thank you for always using Nakamura Tokichi Main Store online store.
In order to allow as many customers as possible to purchase some items, we will be placing limits on the number of items that can be purchased at our online store.
Please see below for eligible products and limited quantities.

Please note that the system allows for multiple orders, but if the order exceeds the limit or multiple orders specifying the same shipping address, etc., we will judge that the order is outside the regulations. , we may change or cancel your order.
Thank you for your understanding.

▼Products subject to purchase restrictions

From January 24th (Wednesday) sales
“WEB Members Only Biscan”

Purchase limit: Up to 3 items per person

We sell a limited quantity every week, so
For customers who have purchased three items, please wait until the next week's sale.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that as many customers as possible can purchase our products.

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