White Day 2023

Here are some recommended gifts to give back on White Day!
We have a wide range of products such as seasonal products, baked sweets, chocolate, ice cream that you will want to eat yourself.
In the rich and juicy financier taste, the richness and umami produced by matcha, and the faint bitterness and astringency that you feel softly afterwards. A popular product with a unique texture that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
The season of “Namacha Jelly [Haru Sakura]” and “Matcha Financier [Haru Sakura]” using cherry blossom bean paste that can only be tasted in spring has arrived.
Enjoy the sweetness of spring with tea.
The flaky crepe dough is combined with the umami and sweetness of matcha.
A thinly baked chocolate crepe that allows you to enjoy a pleasant texture and a deep tea flavor at the same time.
Sandwich chocolate with a thick and crunchy texture in a crispy cookie.
Brings out the rich flavor and quality of the ingredients It is a chocolate sandwich cookie with a fun texture.
A popular product of our store that brings out the rich aroma and taste of rich matcha and hojicha.
Carefully baked moist and rich white chocolate base dough that maximizes the aroma of tea.
Our store's popular sweets that are small but have a filling texture and melt in your mouth.
The entire Baumkuchen is wrapped in matcha chocolate, and a salty accent is added to bring out the umami. Baumkuchen wrapped in chocolate is moist and you can fully enjoy the taste of matcha.