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Assortment of Kabusecha “Jaku” and Kuki Hojicha

Assortment of Kabusecha “Jaku” and Kuki Hojicha

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Kabusecha "Jaku", which features a cute face design, is recommended for those who don't like the bitterness of sencha.
Kuki Hojicha is a tea with a strong aroma and less bitterness and astringency due to the addition of stems.
It also contains less caffeine than sencha, making it ideal for taking with meals.

Internal capacity Kabusecha "Jaku" 80g x 1 can,
Kuki Hojicha 50g x 1 can

expiry date Kabusecha “Jaku”: 6 months Kuki Hojicha: 6 months
Specified raw materials, etc. none
Kabusecha “Jaku”: Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kuki Hojicha: Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture)
No special mention
Preservation method
Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scents.

Box/length 15.8 x width 17.8 x height 8.2 (cm)
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