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Assortment of Rabbit Confectionery and Kabusecha “Jaku”

Assortment of Rabbit Confectionery and Kabusecha “Jaku”

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A kabusecha that combines the freshness of sencha and the umami of gyokuro.
Among them, "Jaku" allows you to feel the freshness of sencha.
Enjoy it with matcha-flavored rakugan, which is shaped like a rabbit and is associated with Uji.

Internal capacity Kabusecha "Jaku" 100g x 1 bag,
Rabbit sweets 18 pieces x 1 box
expiry date Kabusecha “Jaku”: 6 months
Rabbit sweets: 90 days
Specified raw materials, etc. none
Rabbit sweets: wasanbon sugar (manufactured in Japan), powdered sugar, starch, glucose, matcha

Kabusecha “Jaku”: Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture)
Rabbit sweets: Per box: Calories/193kcal, protein/0.9g, fat/0.2g, carbohydrates/46.9g, salt equivalent/0g

Kabusecha “Jaku”: No special mention
Preservation method Kabusecha "Jaku": Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of the scent.
Rabbit sweets: Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Size: Box/length 22.3 x width 25 x height 3.2 (cm)
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