About Father's Day gift service

father's day card

・If you would like a Father's Day card, please go to "Gifts and handbags" on the product page and check "I want" a Father's Day card and add it to your cart.

・Messages cannot be printed on Father's Day cards. I attach it to a product and send it.

・Limited to 1 item per item. (When ordering multiple items, please fill in the required number in the [Remarks] column.)

・The number of items is limited to the number of products.

father's day gift card

father's day card sample

Design Noshi

・This is our store's original patterned Noshi, with illustrations of tea utensils, pine, bamboo, and plum scattered all over the Noshi. Put the letters "Thank you dad" in the center and hang it on the product.

・If you would like to have a design Noshi, please select it on the product page. If you are unsure, please enter "I would like a picture of Noshi "Thank you"" in the [Remarks] field.

Design Noshi sample

*If there is anything unclear about your request, we will contact you by email or phone. Thank you for your understanding.

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