Collection: Financier

The Ideals of Japanese Tea and Baked Goods That Haunt Us

As I deal with tea leaves every day, I realize how difficult it is to use Japanese tea in baked goods.

This financier is a confectionery that tastes Japanese tea that goes beyond the conventional framework.

Moist, rich and full-bodied, the flavors of matcha and almonds will hit your nose.

We will continue to pursue the ideal relationship between Japanese tea and baked sweets.

By using Spanish almond poodle, it is moist without being dry, and the umami and overpowering aroma of matcha, as well as the high-quality bitterness and astringency, create a well-balanced taste that lingers.

Matcha, butter, flour, and almond poodle are tailored to a financier that resonates at a comfortable timing .