About your order

I can't complete my order.

Please try the following.
1) Please use the latest browser possible.
2) If you have multiple screens open, please display only one screen.
3) Change your browser.
(Example) For Google Chrome, try Microsoft Edge, Yahoo! Browser, Firefox, Safari, etc.
4) Enter your free email address in the PC address.
(Example) @gmail.com @yahoo.co.jp @icloud.com etc.
5) If you used a computer, please try using a smartphone, iPad, etc.

Is the product secured when it is added to the shopping cart?

Your item is not reserved until your order is completed.
In some cases, items may be sold out during the ordering process.
Also, if an item is in the shopping cart for a long period of time, the inventory status, product price, etc. may differ from the time of ordering.

I haven't received an order confirmation email.

If you use some free e-mail (yahoo.co.jp, hotmail.com), etc., there is an event that it is sorted into the spam folder, so please check.

How can I change or cancel my order?

We accept inquiries by phone or email.

Please contact us by 17:00, 4 days before the designated delivery date. Please note that it cannot be changed after this time. In addition, even if there are multiple delivery addresses and shipping has already started, it may not be possible to cancel or change the order details.

《Inquiries about orders》


Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays 10:00-17:00 Closed on Sundays

Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?

Please contact us by phone or email by 17:00 4 days before the desired delivery date .

I made a mistake on my order, what should I do?

If you contact us by 17:00 4 days before the desired delivery date, we will change your order.

Shipping is not free even though the total price of the products is more than 10,000 yen including tax.

Shipping is free for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) per delivery address.

(If you purchase ice cream and other products, they will be shipped separately, so you will be charged a separate shipping fee.)

Tea and baked sweets can be delivered together with raw tea jelly.

Do I have to make a purchase when I click "Add to Cart"?

no. You can cancel the purchase or change the quantity even after adding it to the cart.

Regarding delivery

After placing an order, in how many days will it arrive?

Depending on the payment method, delivery address, etc., we will deliver in as little as 4 days.

Please contact us if you are in a hurry. Same-day shipping is not available.

We can also specify a time slot, but we may not be able to deliver on the specified date and time due to weather, traffic conditions, etc.

Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a separate shipping charge?

The shipping fee is charged separately from the product price. For details, please check the "Shipping page".

What kind of shipping method do you use?

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. "Kuroneko Yamato courier service (room temperature)"

It will be delivered by "Kuroneko Yamato Cool Takkyubin (refrigerated/frozen)".

Please let me know the courier slip number.

In the case of an online store order, please check the "shipment completion email" that will be sent to you on the day the product is shipped.
If ordering by phone or fax, please let us know when you place your order. We will contact you once the slip number has been confirmed.

Would you like me to specify the arrival date and time and send it to you?

In the cart, you can select the desired delivery date and desired time zone.

I haven't received my item.

I am sorry.
In the case of an order from the online store, after 17:00 on the shipping date, we will send you an e-mail detailing the details of the shipment.The e-mail will include the Yamato Transport invoice number and the inquiry page. Please confirm.

《Yamato Transport Inquiry Desk》


《Baggage Inquiry System》


If you place an order by phone or fax, please contact us during business hours so that we can investigate.

《Inquiries about orders》


Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays 10:00-17:00 Closed on Sundays

Is it possible to combine "frozen delivery" and "refrigerated delivery or normal temperature delivery"?

Due to the nature of the product, it cannot be shipped together.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can I choose a shipping company?

We are sorry, but we can only deliver by Yamato Transport.

Can you send the item under a different name than the name of the person who ordered it?

If you enter the requester's information on the cart page and proceed to select the payment method, there will be a column that says "If the sender information is different, please use this", so please enter it there. .

Would you like to confirm whether the product has arrived at the destination?

After the product is shipped, we will send you an email with the details of the shipment.

Yamato Transport's invoice number and inquiry page are also included in the email, so please check it.

《Yamato Transport Inquiry Desk》


《Baggage Inquiry System》


Why are some items delivered by refrigerated delivery and others delivered by room temperature delivery, even though they are the same product?

In order to maintain the quality of our products, we send some room temperature products by cool delivery (refrigerated delivery) during the summer and other high temperatures.

About the product

The item was damaged, but could you return it or issue a refund?

Sorry to trouble you, but please return the product to our store by cash on delivery.

After confirming the contents, we will either send you a replacement product or refund the product price.

《Inquiries about orders》


Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays 10:00-17:00 Closed on Sundays

Would you like to return or exchange the product?

After the product arrives, we cannot accept returns or exchanges except for defective products.
Thank you for your understanding.

Noshi and gifts

Can you handle wrapping and Noshi?

Available. There are some items that cannot be attached.

You can see the types of noshi paper and how to write seasonal greetings on the [here] page.

Can you send me a message card together?

We have our original message card.

If you wish, please select "Message card" from the menu "Attached to gift / carrier bag" when selecting a product.

Can you attach a paper with a joint name?

It is possible. On the Noshi selection screen, up to 2 people can sign together.

If you have 3 or more people, please enter it in the remarks column to the shop in the cart.

About payment

About credit card cancellation

Due to the closing date of the credit card company, the cancellation of the charge to the credit card company may be debited once and refunded the following month, so please check the usage statement sent by the credit card company. Thank you very much.

Can I change my payment method?

Payment method cannot be changed.

If you wish to change your order, please cancel your order by phone or email and then place your order again.

There was a credit card withdrawal for the canceled item.

Depending on the closing date of your credit card company, the product price may be debited once and then recorded as a negative amount from the next month onwards.

For details, please contact your card company.

When will my credit card be debited?

The withdrawal date differs depending on the card company you use, so please contact each card company.

Will I be charged a fee when making a payment?

It depends on your payment method.

A fee will be charged for bank transfers and convenience store payments.
For details, please check here .

Please contact your bank for bank transfer fees.

Is it possible to pay in installments by credit card?

We are sorry, but we only accept one-time payments.

About statements and receipts

Can you issue a receipt?

You can choose to issue after completing your order.

You can also issue a receipt from the order completion email.

Members can issue it on their My Page.

Do you not include a delivery note or billing statement with the price in the delivery address?

We do not send invoices that show the price to the recipient.
In the case of delivery to your home, it will be included in the product.

About membership registration

How do I withdraw?

Please proceed from "Withdraw" on My Page.

Can I place an order without registering as a member?

You can purchase without registering as a member.

I forgot my member ID.

Please reset your password from the password reset page.

When I register my e-mail address, the message "The PC e-mail address you entered cannot be registered." is displayed.

Only one e-mail address can be registered per person, and you cannot register with the same e-mail address.

Please register another e-mail address or contact us by phone or e-mail.

I would like to change my member information.

After logging in, please make corrections from My Page.

Go to login screen


About café reservations

We do not accept reservations for café seats at any of our main stores, Byodoin Store, Kyoto Station Store, and Ginza Store, regardless of whether you are an individual or a group.
Thank you for your understanding.

Depending on the season, weather, and time of day, we know that it may change somewhat, but you may have to wait.

We will do our best to accommodate groups of customers, but please understand that you may be seated separately.

At that time, we ask that you pay for each seat.

Please cancel your subscription to the e-mail magazine.

After logging in, you can change it from My Page.

Also, if you contact us, we will process the change.

Go to login screen

Please tell me the nutritional content

You can see it from each product detail page.

I want you to send me a catalog

Currently, it is issued irregularly, so it may take some time.

If you contact us, we will consult with you.

Please tell me the difference between the expiration date and the expiration date.

《Use-by date》

It is better not to eat after the expiration date.

Definition: The date indicating the date when it is recognized that there is no risk of safety loss due to putrefaction, putrefaction or other deterioration in quality when stored according to the prescribed method.

《Expiration date Best-before》

It is the deadline when you can eat deliciously. Even after this deadline, it doesn't mean you can't eat it right away.

Definition: The date indicating the period when it is sufficiently possible to maintain all the expected quality when stored according to the prescribed method. However, even if the deadline has passed, these qualities may still be maintained.

Excerpt from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Regarding Expiration Labeling of Foods"