What is Genmaicha?

Genmaicha is a tea made by mixing roasted brown rice with grown sencha. The savory aroma of crispy roasted brown rice adds a different spiciness to the flavor of tea, such as hojicha. The tea and brown rice are blended about half and half, so the texture and flavor are very light, and one of the charms is that you can easily drink it at any time. It is also recommended for ochazuke.

quality difference

Regular brown rice tea

Nami genmaicha is a blend of sencha (close to Yanagi and bancha) that has grown considerably and brown rice. The best feature is the refreshing feeling. As the sencha grows larger, it has a lighter taste, so the right amount of bitterness and astringency is combined with the aroma, and the sweetness and bitterness that are not too strong spread. It's a light taste that you can drink as many cups as you like.

Kabuse Genmaicha

As the name suggests, kabuse genmaicha is a mixture of kabusecha and brown rice, and is characterized by its aroma and mellow sweetness. Normally, genmaicha is brewed with boiling water to bring out the aroma, but this kabuse genmaicha can be enjoyed by allowing the water to cool slightly to enjoy a smoother texture and sweetness that is not found in sencha genmaicha.

Genmaicha with Matcha

Genmaicha with matcha is made by mixing sencha and genmai, then adding a small amount of matcha. The sweetness of matcha and the bitterness and astringency of sencha are combined with the aroma, giving it a slightly darker flavor, a mellow mouthfeel, and a vivid green appearance.

brewing method

Let's bring out the aroma of brown rice by putting it in hot water quickly. Kabuse genmaicha can be brewed at around 80℃ for a subtle sweetness.

  • Recommended brewing method

  • enjoy the faint sweetness