[Sencha] What is Fujiyoshi?

There is an area called Dosenbo in Minamiyamashiro Village in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. The high altitude and large temperature difference between day and night throughout the year make it suitable for tea cultivation. [Sencha] Fujikichi slowly matures sencha grown at Dosenbo until autumn to bring out its richness and depth. The masculine and wild flavors and aromas are all distinct, and if you're used to the mellow and easy-to-drink sencha that is the mainstream these days, you may find it difficult to get used to, but it makes you want another cup. The charm of sencha is overflowing.

[Sencha] What is Fujiyoshi Jukusei?

[Sencha] Fujikichi Jukusei is a sencha made by aging [Sencha] Tokichi for another year.
This does not apply to all teas, but if you manage the temperature, humidity, and how oxidation progresses properly, after picking properly, compared to tea that has not been harvested for a long time, the aroma and richness will increase, and the sweetness, umami, bitterness and astringency will increase. Depth and spread come out in all of. [Sencha] While Tokichi is strong and, in a sense, pungent, Tokichi Jukusei is more gentle and has a mellowness, but it also has a deep richness and aroma that comes from aging. It's a feature. In addition, the pasteurization (roasting process) is a little stronger, so it is also recommended for those who do not like bitterness and astringency. Please enjoy the charm of tea that has been accumulated over time, which is the exact opposite of new tea.

[Sencha] What is Tojirin Dobata?

[Sencha] Fujikichi Rindohata is a sencha that is slightly shaded before being harvested, which is rare in our sencha. By shielding the tea from light, the bitterness and astringency are softened and the sweetness and umami are enhanced, making the sencha mild and easy to drink. On the other hand, it tends to lose the refreshing bitterness and astringency, refreshing feeling, and crisp aftertaste that are the original charms of sencha, making it closer to kabusecha. Therefore, Fujiyoshi Rindohata is a tea that seeks the perfect balance and adjusts the cover so that the umami and sweetness increase without losing the charm of sencha. When brewing, it will be delicious even if it is brewed at 80°C, but if you wait about 1 minute at 70°C, the bitterness and astringency will be suppressed and you will be able to enjoy the unique sweetness and umami of [Sencha] Fujiyoshi Rindohata. .



  • 甘み
  • 旨味
  • 苦渋味
  • 香り
  • 色味
  • 水色

brewing method

[Sencha] Fujikichi is a sencha that is completely opposite to the mainstream and trendy sencha. Please enjoy the masculine and wild flavor with a strong aroma and bitterness.

  • Recommended brewing method

  • give off a bitter taste