What is willow?

Yanagi has a relatively wide range of meanings and contents, and in some regions it is called bancha. At our store, it refers to sencha that has grown larger, or tea that collects large pieces that come out when making sencha, and depending on the content of the tea, it may be the raw material for hojicha or genmaicha. Since it is basically sencha, the flavor is similar to sencha, but the biggest difference is the size of the tea leaves and the light flavor. In common with genmaicha, the grown sencha does not have too much sweetness, umami, or bitterness and astringency in a good way, and it has a very refreshing flavor even when served with boiling water. Some people find it easier to drink and more delicious than sencha, so it is perfect for ochazuke. It may not be suitable for serving to customers, but it is a tea that you can enjoy without straining your shoulders and elbows.

brewing method

Yanagi is originally large in shape, and it swells considerably when it absorbs water, so please use a large teapot or clay pot.

  • Recommended brewing method