What is Matcha? What is tencha?

Matcha is a type of tea called Tencha Tencha, which is made by covering the new shoots while they are growing, blocking sunlight, and then grinding them finely with a tea mortar. Blocking sunlight suppresses the conversion of sweet and umami components into bitter and astringent flavors, creating a deep and mellow sweetness and umami as well as a rich and deep aroma.
Tencha is the raw material of matcha, and the tea leaves are covered with a cover during the growth period of new shoots to block sunlight, steamed and then dried without being kneaded. When the stalks and veins are removed and only the soft part of the mesophyll is ground with a tea mortar, it becomes very fine powdered matcha.



  • 甘み


  • 旨味


  • 苦渋味


  • 香り


    単純で粗く、深みや広がりに欠ける。火香(ひか)と 呼ばれる、こうばしい香りに負ける。
  • 色味


    赤みと黄色みがあり、焼けたような緑色。艶がなく、 単調で浅い色彩。お湯を入れた後の色持ちが悪い。

How to make

The lower the water temperature in which the tea is brewed, the easier it will be to taste sweet. There are two ways to make and knead matcha, light and strong, and you can enjoy the different charms of matcha with each method. Matcha tends to form clumps due to static electricity, so pass it through a matcha sieve or tea strainer.
In addition, since the amount of tea used is large and the concentration is high, we recommend using products with a price of 30g / 2,100 yen or more.

  • light brown

  • Dark brown

  • cold matcha