What is Daifuku tea?

In Kyoto, people drink tea with umeboshi and kelp on New Year's Day to pray for good health for the year.

This tea is called 'ofukucha' (ofukucha), and is said to have originated in the Heian period when an epidemic broke out in Kyoto, and Kuya Shonin served it to the common people to ward off the plague. . There are various types of tea, such as sencha and genmaicha, depending on the home or shop, but we use Kuki Hojicha. Although the format is different, there are customs related to tea to pray for good health other than daifuku tea all over the country, so please look for them.

how to drink

Daifuku tea originated in Kyoto during the Heian period, where it was used to ward off epidemics. It is said that if you wrap your body in kaishi paper tied with plums and kelp after drinking tea, you will not get sick for a year.