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Shipping included [Regular purchase] Ice cream assortment [Matcha x 5, Hojicha x 5]

Shipping included [Regular purchase] Ice cream assortment [Matcha x 5, Hojicha x 5]

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Matcha ice cream has a rich matcha flavor that rivals the richness of cream, a refreshing aroma, and a smooth texture.

Enjoy the fragrant aroma as it is in ice cream. "Hojicha ice cream" with a delicious flavor

An assortment of two types of ice cream.

Internal capacity Matcha ice cream 120ml x 5 pieces ,
Hojicha ice cream 120ml x 5 pieces
expiration date Since it is ice cream, there is no expiration date listed.
Specific raw materials, etc. Matcha ice cream: egg/milk
Hojicha ice cream: egg/milk
Matcha ice cream: condensed skimmed milk (manufactured in Japan), cream, sugar, matcha green tea, glucose, egg yolk (contains eggs), powdered skim milk

Roasted green tea ice cream: condensed defatted milk (manufactured in Japan), cream, sugar, roasted green tea, glucose, egg yolk (contains eggs), powdered candy
Matcha ice cream: per piece: calories/205kcal, protein/5.1g, fat/11.4g, carbohydrates/21.6g, salt equivalent/0.15g

Hojicha ice cream: per piece: calories/207kcal, protein/4.7g, fat/11.7g, carbohydrates/21.6g, salt equivalent/0.13g
Preservation method
Freeze required: Store at -18℃ or below.

Length 20.5 x Width 20.5 x Height 13.2 (cm)

*Due to the nature of the product, it is not possible to wrap it in wrapping paper, so if you would like it wrapped in wrapping paper, we will wrap it outside. Thank you for your understanding.
When ordering ice cream, please check the following items.
(1)Please be sure to specify the arrival date and time of the product.
(2) If you are absent, the product will be discarded.
(3)Dry ice is not included, so please store it in the freezer immediately upon arrival.
(4)Due to the characteristics of the product, please contact us when ordering from the following areas.
[Hokkaido] Rishiri County, Rebun County [Tokyo] Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands [Fukuoka Prefecture] Nishi Ward (Genkai Island), Munakata City (Oshima) [Nagasaki Prefecture] Sasebo City (Uku Town), Hirado City (Oshima Village), Nagasaki City (Takashima Town), Saikai City (Sakido Town Hirashima, Eshima) [Kagoshima Prefecture] Amami City (Sumiyo Town, Kasari Town), Imizu District (Nagashima Town Shishishima), Oshima District, Kagoshima District, Kumage District (Yakushima (Machiguchi Erabu Island), Satsumasendai City (Sato Town, Kamikoshiki Town, Shimokoshiki Town, Kashima Town) [Okinawa Prefecture] Shimajiri District (Kitadaito Village, Minamidaito Village), Yaeyama District (Taketomi Town, Yonaguni Town), etc.
(5) The ice cream assortment does not come with a spoon.
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