[Important] Cart ownership

We will inform you about the stock of the product.

Your item is not in stock when you click "Add to Cart".

When the customer clicks "Order" on the payment page, the order will be completed and the stock will be secured.

Therefore, if another customer completes the procedure on the payment page first while you are browsing other products after adding the product to the cart, the product may be sold out depending on the number of items in stock.

[From "add to cart" to order completion]

1) From the cart page, click " Proceed to checkout"

2) After entering the shipping information, click "Proceed to Select Shipping Method"

3) Select the applicable shipping method and click "Proceed to payment"

4) Select a payment method and click "Pay Now"
*If you select an external payment method, you will need to register your email address and perform authentication procedures on the external payment page.

If you register for Shop pay when ordering for the first time, you can use express checkout with Shop pay from the next time .
* From the second order, you can complete the order smoothly by clicking "Buy with Shop pay", which is displayed under "Add to cart" on the product page.

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