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Matcha gateau chocolate

Matcha gateau chocolate

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High-quality matcha and white chocolate are kneaded into the dough, giving it a rich and smooth texture. As it is a hall type with plenty of volume, it is also recommended as a gift.

Internal capacity 1 piece
expiry date 14th
Specified raw materials, etc. Egg, milk, wheat, soybean
Egg (domestic), white chocolate, sugar, butter, wheat flour, matcha green tea, powdered sugar (sugar, starch hydrolyzate), dried egg white/emulsifier, vanilla flavoring, (contains eggs, wheat, milk ingredients, and soybeans)
Per 100g: calories/392kcal, protein/7g, fat/21.9g, carbohydrates/41.8g, salt equivalent/0.155g
Preservation method
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.

Cake/diameter 14 x height about 5 (cm)
Box/length 15.8 x width 17.8 x height 8.2 (cm)

Because it is a cake that uses a lot of white chocolate, the center of the cake sinks when baked due to its weight, and dents and cracks appear. In addition, although a layer of chocolate can be formed at the bottom of the cake, it is a characteristic of the product and is not undercooked.
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