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Maruto Baum [Hojicha]

Maruto Baum [Hojicha]

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Baumkuchen baked with many layers of fragrant hojicha dough

Internal capacity Maru and Baum[ Hojicha ] x 1
expiry date Maru and Baum[ Hojicha ]: 10 days
Specified raw materials, etc. Maru and Baum[ Hojicha ]: Egg, milk, wheat, soybean, almond
Maruto Baum [Hojicha]: Egg (domestic), sugar, butter, wheat flour, cornstarch, roasted green tea, almond powder, starch syrup, white chocolate, fresh cream, almond praline, salt, powdered sugar (sugar, starch hydrolyzate) / baking powder, emulsifier, (partly (Contains eggs, wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, almonds)
Maruto Baum [Hojicha]: Per 100g: Calorie/420kcal, Protein/7.3g, Fat/21.0g, Carbohydrate/50.4g, Salt equivalent/0.50g
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at 25°C or less.

Size box/length 14 x width 8.7 x height 6.7 (cm)
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