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Assortment of Kuki Hojicha and Ujiteira

Assortment of Kuki Hojicha and Ujiteira

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In order to bring out the flavor of the matcha green tea, we carefully selected the eggs and created a new "Ujiteira".
It has a fluffy yet moist and smooth texture. It is a product that I am confident that you will enjoy the deliciousness of matcha to the back of your mouth.
An assortment of Kuki Hojicha, which has a rich aroma and a slightly sweet taste, is perfect for gift-giving.

Internal capacity Kuki Hojicha 50g x 1 can,
Ujiteira x 1
expiry date Kuki Hojicha: 6 months Ujiteira: 14 days
Specified raw materials, etc. Kuki Hojicha: None
Ujiteira: eggs (domestic), sugar, wheat flour, starch syrup, white granulated sugar, matcha, (contains some eggs and wheat)

Kuki Hojicha: Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture)
Ujiteira: Per one: Calorie/221kcal, Protein/7.6g, Fat/5.2g, Carbohydrates/53.5g, Salt equivalent/0.127g

Kuki Hojicha: No special mention
Preservation method
Kuki Hojicha: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of the transferred scent.
Ujiteira: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store below 25°C

Box/length 15.8 x width 17.8 x height 8.2 (cm)

Ujiteira will be delivered uncut. Cut into your preferred size and enjoy.
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