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Nama Chako and [Matcha]

Nama Chako and [Matcha]

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We have increased the amount of matcha and improved it so that you can feel the tea more than ever.
You can enjoy the rich taste and aroma of matcha, and the beautiful colors, which are in perfect harmony with the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate.

Internal capacity 20 pieces
expiry date 14 days refrigerated
Specified raw materials, etc. milk, soybeans
White chocolate (manufactured in Belgium), fresh cream, cocoa butter, powdered starch syrup, matcha green tea, powdered sugar/emulsifier, fragrance, (contains some milk ingredients and soybeans)
Per box (20 pieces): Energy/651kcal, protein/5.3g, fat/50.3g, carbohydrates/50.3g, salt equivalent/0.17g
Preservation method
Refrigeration required Store below 10°C.

Length 10.5 x Width 12.5 x Height 2.5 (cm)

*We do not accept packaging for this product, so if you wish to use Noshi, we will only accept "Gaito".
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