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matcha dango

matcha dango

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Matcha dango, which has a chewy texture and a cute bite-sized appearance, is one of Uji's specialties.
Please enjoy the soft scent of matcha when you open the box.
Package design is subject to change.

Internal capacity 10 pieces
expiry date The 6th
Specified raw materials, etc. Milk, wheat, yam
Rice flour (produced in Japan), sugar, matcha green tea/trehalose, thickener (gluten), (contains wheat, milk, and yam)
Matcha dango: per 100g: calories/245kcal, protein/2.5g, fat/0.4g, carbohydrates/57.9g, salt equivalent/0.005g
Preservation method
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and consume within the day after opening.

Length 18 x Width 12.3 x Height 3 (cm)

This product is in the state of being wrapped as shown in the photo, so when using Noshi, it can only be handled with "Sotonoshi". Thank you for your understanding.
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