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Kuki-Hojicha(Roasted Stems)Teabag(3g×50bags)

Kuki-Hojicha(Roasted Stems)Teabag(3g×50bags)

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In the gentle flavor with little astringency, there is richness and sweetness,
It is a tea bag of "Kuki Hojicha", which is characterized by its fragrant aroma.

Internal capacity

3g x 50 packets

expiry date 6 months
allergy none
Green tea (Kyoto, Nara)
No special mention
Preservation method
Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scents.

Width 18.0 x Height 3.0 (cm)

*We do not accept Noshi or packaging for this product.
*If you would like a handbag, we will prepare a paper bag (middle).
The product package is a silver bag.
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