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Small yokan assortment [Matcha]

Small yokan assortment [Matcha]

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An assortment of bite-size yokan that brings out the flavor of matcha

Internal capacity Petite Yokan [Matcha] x 5
expiry date 18 months (including manufacturing date)
Specified raw materials, etc. none
Sugar (produced in Japan), White bean paste, Reduced starch syrup, Wasanbon sugar, Matcha, Agar
Per piece: calories/153kcal, protein/2.0g, fat/0.2g, carbohydrates/38.0g, salt equivalent/0.006g
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store below 25°C.

Size: Length 16.5 x Width 8.7 x Height 2.4 (cm)
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