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Deep rather than showy, rustic rather than fancy, delicious rather than rich,
This simple cookie is ready, and I suddenly reach for another one.

*Limited number available.
If it is out of stock, we will add the amount that can be prepared at 10 AM every Wednesday.

Internal capacity Matcha x 19 pieces, Hojicha x 8 pieces, Nakamura tea x 8 pieces
expiry date 30 days
Specified raw materials, etc. Biscay: Wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, almonds
Wheat flour (domestic production), butter, sugar, almond powder, green tea, Egg yolk, margarine, cane sugar, matcha, egg white, roasted green tea, salt, green tea, (Contains wheat, milk, eggs, and almonds in part)
Matcha: Per sheet: Calorie/40kcal, Protein/0.5g, Fat/2.3g, Carbohydrates/4.2g, Salt equivalent/0.02g

Roasted green tea: per sheet: calories/61kcal, protein/0.6g, fat/3.7g, carbohydrates/6.2g, salt equivalent/0.03g

Nakamura tea: per sheet: calories/48kcal, protein/0.6g, fat/2.9g, carbohydrates/5.0g, salt equivalent/0.05g
Preservation method
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store below 25°C.

Can/length 14.5 x width 10.5 x height 6 (cm)

*Due to the characteristics of the product, it cannot be wrapped or wrapped in noshigami. Thank you for your understanding.
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