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Assortment of matcha dango and sencha tea bags

Assortment of matcha dango and sencha tea bags

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The dango (rice dumplings) with the condensed flavor of matcha contains yam and has a very chewy texture.
Please spend a relaxing time with "Fujiyoshi Tea Bag" which has a unique fragrance and deep taste by aging for half a year.

Internal capacity [Sencha] Fujikichi tea bag (4g x 10 packages) x 1 bag,
Matcha dumpling 10 pieces x 1 box
expiry date [Sencha] Fujiyoshi tea bag: 6 months Matcha dumpling: 6 days
Specified raw materials, etc.
[Sencha] Fujiyoshi Tea Bag: None
Matcha dumpling: milk, wheat, yam 
Matcha dango: Rice flour (produced in Japan), sugar, matcha/trehalose, thickener (gluten), (contains wheat, milk, and yams)

Sencha tea bag: green tea (Kyoto Prefecture)
Matcha dango: per 100g: calories/245kcal, protein/2.5g, fat/0.4g, carbohydrates/57.9g, salt equivalent/0.005g

Sencha tea bag: No special mention
Preservation method
Sencha tea bag: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of the transferred scent.
Matcha Dango: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and consume within the same day after opening.

Box/length 22.3 x width 25 x height 3.2 (cm)
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